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High Pressure Check Valves

Precision High Pressure (PHP) check valves efficiently and effectively stop flow reversal in oil, gas and petroleum applications, whether existing or new. They have been proven in the field for over 60 years and under extraordinary circumstances. These high pressure check valves are precisely engineered not only to stop flow reverses, but to do so in a cost-effective way that provides value. These high pressure check valves are manufactured by Precision High Pressure who has built their reputation on quality, integrity and their experience in the energy sector. Minimize flow loss in your operation with precision check valves offered by ATP from Precision High Pressure.


  • MAWP up to 60,000 PSI (4140 bar)
  • Temperature Ratings
    • Metal Seat: -420°F to 1200°F (-251°C to 648°C)
    • Soft Seat: -65°F to 250°F (-54C° to 121°C)
  • Nominal Cracking Pressure: 15 PSI (1 bar)
  • Nitrile is standard material of soft seat poppet seal
  • NPT Check valves come standard with female end connections


  • Prevents reverse flow which may cause damage to a pressure system
  • Metal Seat offers metal-to-metal seat for rapid cycling or severe environments
  • Soft Seat offers O-ring seat for fast shutoff and reliable seal
  • Complete material traceability
  • Can be manufactured to meet NACE MR-01-75


  • 316 cold worked stainless steel is standard
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