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Ball Valves 3-Way & 4-Way

When you order Colson X-Cel engineered instrumentation 3-way and 4-way ball valves, you get the options you need to suit you new or existing application. Choose from connected that range from 3/8 of an inch to a full 3 inches. Select from connections that are threaded, welded, hubbed, compression, or flanged. These values are available in a selection of materials and are designed with an anti-blow out stem, body and stem sealing along with handles that can be removed without putting the pressure seal at risk. These instrumentation ball valves 3-way & 4-way are manufactured specifically for the oil, gas, and petroleum industry by Colson X-Cel, serving the energy sector for over 20 years.

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‘B4’ Series – 4 WAY BALL VALVES

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‘BM-BN’ Series-3 WAY Multi Inlet VALVES

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