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Interface Flange Adapters

Our quality Colson X-Cel flange adapters are engineered to provide leak-free solutions for those in the offshore oil and gas extraction industry. Your installation is only as strong as your weakest link and Colson assures that weak link will not be in your choice of their flange adapters. While surprisingly affordable, these precisely constructed flange adapters will withstand the pressure, vibration, and the elements when other adapters may disappoint. They provide lasting service and value you can count on. When it comes to the selection of new or replacement flange adapters in your next application, don’t settle for less than Colson X-Cel Ltd.

One piece integral connectors allow the user to convert standard piping flanges to an instrumentation compression fitting with minimal cost and added safety. This system eliminates the need for additional connections while also eliminating the need for welding or pipe threads.

  • Full heat code traceability
  • Integrally machined body, no welding
  • Eliminates additional connections
  • PTFE tape or liquid thread sealants not required
  • Variety of materials available.
  • NACE MR 0175 compliance available on request.
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