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Seawater Butterfly Valves

You can count on ATP to offer a wide selection of valves and other components for the oil and gas industry from some of the world’s most respected brands, including a selection of quality butterfly valves from Brooksbank Valves. Brooksbank has been producing valves for the marine and naval sectors for over 60 years and the oil and gas industry for about three decades. These quarter-turn valves control flow with a disc on an axis. These butterfly valves are used in both on/off and throttling services. Brooksbank butterfly valves offered by ATP set in the industry standard.

Seawater Butterfly Valves: The butterfly valve is a quarter turn valve which controls flow by means of a circular disc or vane with its pivot axis at 90 degrees to the direction of flow. The butterfly valve is used both for on/off and throttling services.

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