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Seawater Check Valves

Check valves are designed to stop flow reversals that can be problematic in the oil and gas industry. ATP offers superior quality check valves from Brooksbank Valves, a company with over three decades of experience supplying the oil and gas industry with superior components. Brooksbank check valves are engineered to last in the often hostile environment of the energy sector. Brooksbank Valves uses their 60 years serving the naval and marine industry to provide exceptional products. For quality check valves from Brooksbank and a wide selection of other pipeline components, you can count on ATP as your vendor of choice.

Seawater Check Valves: The check valve is a self-actuated non-return valve which is designed to prevent backflow. Fluid flowing in the required direction opens the valve, while reverse / backflow reseats the piston or disc / flapper, closing the valve and preventing flow in the opposite direction. There are two main types of check valve, the Piston check valve and the Swing check valve.

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