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Seawater Wedge Gate Valves

ATP is proud to offer the quality line of gate valves from Brooksbank Valves, a company that has been producing values for the naval and marine segment since 1953. Brooksbank Valves expanded into the oil and gas industry almost three decades ago. They have built their reputation by providing cost-effective valve solutions to clients worldwide. Brooksbank gate valves are engineered as durable, multi-turn, general service valves primarily for on/off, non-throttling service. The valve employs a “gate” that wedges down to block flow securely. Each Brooksbank valve is engineered to provide value and lasting service in the harshest of conditions.

Seawater Wedge Gate Valves: The wedge gate valve is a linear motion, multi-turn general service valve, primarily for on/off, non-throttling service. The valve is closed by an angular faced wedge or gate that slides down to block flow.

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