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Seawater Globe Valves

Globe valves are opened and closed by the raising and lowering of a plug into a match seat. Used for both on/off and throttling applications, Brooksbank offers a selection of heavily engineered globe valves designed for use in the the oil and gas industry. Brooksbank Valves has been producing these high quality, high alloy valve solutions for the marine and naval sector for over 60 years. They have perfected the process of creating durable, reliable valves and components for use in hostile and corrosive environments. ATP is proud to be a provider of of these superior products with a legendary reputation.

Seawater Globe Valves: The globe valve closure is by a plug with a flat or convex bottom lowered onto a matching seat. Raising the plug opens the valve, allowing fluid flow. The globe valve is used for on/off service and can be used for throttling applications.

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